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For the tomorrow's Organic People! - our children

For the tomorrow's Organic People! - our children

Learning to love our planet and value it, being consciuous of the difference our attittude towards the planet may have, this is something that we have to pass on to our children from a very early age. And they catch it all!

To complement the way we eat, Mercearia Bio is taking another step and adding up products in the cosmetic range sepcially made for babies and children.

In the Urtekram range you can now find tutti-frutti tooth paste and a line of products parfume free, to care for the little ones - washing gel, cream to change diapers and body cream.

And Topfer, the German brand that exists since 1911 and became Organically certified from 1989, has just arrived in our store. From the rich range that Topfer has to offer we have selected to start with a face cream and a massage oil for your baby. For children we now have, shampoo, conditioner and body cream. All products organically certified and the bath range vegan and animal cruelty free.

We also have the tooth brushes made out of bamboo, the sunscreens and a balsam from Badger to help them sleep!

Have a look... in our online store or at Mercearia Bio Café in Portimão!

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