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Green Saturdays are coming to Mercearia Bio Cafe!
Green Saturdays are coming to Mercearia Bio Cafe!

Starting on the 2nd of June every Saturday will a Green Saturday.

The aim of the Green Saturdays is to motivate our Customers, Partners and Associates to embrace, ina more consistent manner, practices that may be more ecological, based on a more responsible consumption of sustainable and eco friendly products such as the ones we make available at Mercearia Bio.

In order to encourage these pratices we will be having special offers and discounted items.

Every Saturday we will be granting a 15% discount in all fresh fruits and vegetables. To be entitled to this discount, Customers have to bring their own plastic, paper, cotton or none of these to pack their fruits ans vegetables and refrain from using the bags we make available upon request.

In the dried fruits sold in bulk, we will grant a 10% discount to all Customers that bring their own jars, boxes or bags to accommodate the dried fruits they wish to take.

We will also have specific discounts in products or product ranges that we will be selecting for each Green Saturday. These products will have to be produced locally, within the Algarve region or limited to Portugal production, thus holding a "cheaper" ecological footprint.

Because mobility is also a very important issue when we talk about the environment, we will also want to reward the ones that come to us riding their bicycles instead of driving their cars. We will be granting riders, on the Green Saturdays, a 10% discount in all coffee shop articles consumption.

The offers we have specially for the Green Saturdays do not apply to products that are ordered in advance, but only to the stocks we make available in the store on that specific days.

The special discounts we have for the Green Saturdays can not be cumulate with other discounts or campaigns we make available.

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